Cape Tribulation Resort & Spa

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Cape Tribulation Road, Cape Tribulation, QLD
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66 room retreat set in the ancient Daitnree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation. Private retreat rooms hidden in the rainforest just a short walk to Coconut Beach. Escape the modern world. read more
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I had read some really mixed reviews prior to our stay at the Cape Tribulation Resort & Spa and many of them were not very favourable - we were a little concerned. Having spent 4 nights there, we are big fans! I'm not sure what other guests are expecting when they visit an eco-lodge, but our experience was great. I noticed comments from others regarding spiders outside their room etc...this is the rainforest guys, if you don't like it - don't go! While we didn't find the service exceptional, the accommodation didn't send us broke and we really appreciated the break from reality that this haven can provide. Don't be expecting luxury accommodation and room service - you are in the middle of nowhere! If you are looking for an amazing little part of Australia where you won't have your standard mod-cons (no mobile phone reception, email etc) then this is the place for you. We loved the fact that our room (Rainforest Retreat room) was removed from the rest of the venue and found the walk to and from our room a pleasant change from being in a hotel - how can you not appreciate all that nature has to offer in this amazing environment!? Dinner in the restaurant was great, but breakfast and lunch left a bit to be desired. Having said that, there are some other great cafes/restaurants in the area to try out. As mentioned, the service was not great, but bear in mind, this is a very remote area and the staff are transient - I would go back in a heartbeat.
Aug 29th, 2006