Hotel Alsace

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1651 US Highway 90 West, Castroville, TX 78009
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My husband and I decided to take a mini anniversary get away so we decided to go to San Antonio. The hotel is about 30 mins from the riverwalk, 30 mins from Fiesta Texas and very affordable. Upon arriving, the front desk greeter, Penny, greeted us and she was so friendly. The room was a lot nicer than what I had expected. The review I read from the resort webpage and from on expedia had me kind of unsure of what to expect. It was so awesome that the resort was on a hill so you could see everything below. The rooms were very cozy and beds were really comfortable. Lots of lighting in the room and very spacious. The resort itself was very nice. The complimentary breakfast included cheerios & granola cereal, glazed donuts, butter biscuits, yoplait yogurt, orange juice, milk (2 gallon) and make your own waffles in the shape of Texas (6a-10a). It was very quiet and an enjoyable place to visit. The only cons that I encountered were: -Toilet did not flush unless you held the handle a little longer than normal -1 large ant and about 6 termites in the bathroom by the sink -Room keys cannot touch or be around a cell phone b/c they can deactivate. 2 more things to remember are: -The office closes at 12midnight, so if anything happens between midnight and 6a, you're stuck like Chuck. -Watch your speed coming down the hill b/c the cops are really strict about the speed limit.
Jun 19th, 2007