W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island

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Route 200 Km 3.2, Vieques, 00765-9800
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Secluded on the north shore of Vieques Island, this exclusive Puerto Rico resort has 2 beaches and a large bi-level pool; Mosquito Bay, with its magical, bioluminescent waters, is 6 miles away. read more
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I really enjoyed my stay at the W Retreat & Spa, the property is breath taking. The pool is ideal and I spend large amounts of time there. Everything was great except for a major flaws. 1. The food was overpriced and tasted just about OK. The snacks that we ordered at the pool were much better than the Gourmet dinner we had at the restaurant. I forget the name of the dish, but it was a Pan Fried Grouper - it was extremely bland and lacked any attempt at presentation. 2. Getting off the resort was a pain in the butt. We wanted to venture out and check out the local scene. It cost $5 per person for every trip (one way) no matter where you went - near or far. Step out for coffee, $10 for a couple, step out to go to the beach another $10, as you can see, things started to add up pretty quickly. And then to make matters worse, they wouldnt take us to the Blue Beach because it was too far and there wasnt enough fuel. What kind of an excuse is that? If you want a complete resort experience, where you dont mind paying the extra money to be on a fancy well designed place, this is definitely the place for you. I would come back again and stay if I was looking for a no stress resort vacation. BUT this time i wanted to explore Vieques and unfortunately, the W didnt make it easy for me to do that.
Dec 1st, 2007